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Detailed explanation of foreign trade business process


Business Process The general export operation process of foreign trade is: looking for a guest, contacting a guest, and responding is an inquiry---a return----a negotiation price (a sample can be given)--the customer accepts an order--do a contract--arrangement Production, on time delivery - freight, contact freight forwarding - declaration (some freight forwarding can help the agent) --- write-off --- tax rebate, in fact, the most critical is the first step, you have to make every effort to fight for To the order, and then on time delivery of the rest can all be handled to the freight forwarding, freight forwarding has a one-stop service.

1. Customer Inquiries: Generally before the customer places an order, there will be a related Order Inquiry to the Business Department to do some detailed understanding.

2. Quotation: The Business Department will promptly respond to customer inquiries, determine the goods name, model, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type, etc. PerformaInvoice will give customers a formal quotation.

3. Get orders: After negotiation, receive the customer's official order purchase order.

4. Under the production order: After getting the customer's order confirmation, place the order with the factory and arrange the production plan.

5. Business Approval: After the business department receives the order, it first makes a business review form. According to the "export contract review form" project to fill out the facts, as far as possible to list all the estimated costs. The approval of the contract shall be accompanied by a fax of the guest's order and the purchase contract with the factory. The audit form must be signed by the salesman, approved by the department manager, and submitted to the management staff for review before execution. If the amount is relatively large, or there are prepayments and commissions and other terms, it must be approved by the general manager of the company. After the contract is approved, a sales order is made and is handed over to departmental process personnel for follow-up.

6. Release production notice: After confirming the delivery date, the business department can meet the following conditions and release the production notice to notify the factory to produce on time:

6.1: In the case of a L/C payment customer, it is usually confirmed that L/C has been received one month before the delivery date. After receiving the L/C, the salesman and the witness respectively review the letter of credit and check whether it exists. Errors, availability of delivery, and other possible issues. If you have any problems, you should immediately ask for a change.

6.2: If it is a T/T payment customer, it is necessary to confirm that the deposit has been paid.

6.3: If you are posting customers, or collecting foreign exchange through the bank D/A, etc., you need the manager to confirm.

7. Inspection

7.1: In the week before the delivery date, the company inspector should be notified to check the goods.

7.2: If the customer wants to inspect the goods himself or a designated inspection personnel, he must check the goods about the customer about one week before the delivery date and inform the planning department of the inspection date.

7.3: If you specify that the goods are to be inspected by a third-party inspection company or an impartial bank, you must contact the inspection company two weeks before the delivery date to make an appointment for the inspection time and make sure that you have scheduled the time before the delivery date. After the confirmation, the inspection time will be notified to the factory.

8. Prepare basic documents. Packing materials provided by the factory, production of export contracts, export commercial invoices, packing lists and other documents (should be produced by the merchandiser and given to the witnesses).

9. Commodity Inspection: If it is a national statutory commodity inspection product, it shall explain the inspection requirements when ordering the factory, and provide the necessary information for commodity inspection such as export contracts and invoices. And to tell the factory the port of export of future products, to facilitate the factory for commodity inspection. The inspection vouchers/articles should be obtained one week before delivery. (The following is the shipping process)

10. Charter booking:

10.1. If the contract signed with the guest is a FOB CHINA clause, usually the guest will designate a shipping agency or shipping company. Should contact the freight forwarder as soon as possible to inform the intention of the shipment, to understand the port of export will be arranged, schedule, etc., Q confirmed that the factory's delivery can be at least a week earlier than the start of the ship, and whether the ship can meet the requirements of the customer Delivery period. A written ING ORDER should be issued to the shipping company two weeks before the delivery date, usually one week prior to the departure.

10.2. If it is the seller who pays the freight, he should consult the shipping company or shipping company as soon as possible in terms of schedule, tariff, port of departure. After comparison, select a shipping company with favorable price, good reputation and shipping schedule, and tell the salesman to inform the guests. If guests do not agree, they will need to select another boat company that the guests approve. Two weeks before departure, a written position will be set up. The procedure is the same as above.

10.3. If the goods are not enough for a small cabinet and bulk cargo needs to be taken, set a bulk position with the freight forwarding company. When you get warehousing paper, you must also understand the time of customs clearance, warehousing declaration requirements, and so on.

10.4. When setting up a warehouse with a shipping company, be sure to fax a paper in writing to specify the scheduled date, type and quantity of containers, and port of destination to avoid mistakes.

11. Arrange the trailers:

11.1. After the goods are ready and the goods are inspected, entrust the trailer company to pick up the cabinets and load the cabinets. Towing companies should choose long-term cooperation agreements with companies that are safe, reliable and reasonably priced to ensure safety and punctuality. To fax the following information to the trailer company: Confirmation of warehouse order / release of cabinet paper, shipping company, fixed warehouse number, cart loading order, indication of cabinet loading time, cabinet type and quantity, loading address, customs declaration, and shipment Port and so on. If there is a inspection company looking at the cabinet, it must be specifically stated that it cannot be late. And requested to return a copy of the information on the counter, listing the cabinet number, license plate number, driver and contact telephone number, etc.

11.2. Fax a copy of the loading information to the factory stating the time of the counter, cabinet type, order number, order number, license plate number and driver contact number.

11.3. The factory is required to fax a loading notice to the Business Department as soon as the container leaves the factory, stating the container leaving time, the actual loading quantity, etc., and the packing number and seal number as the data of the bill of lading. Ask the factory to remember the seal after loading the cabinet.

12. Entrusted customs declaration: At the same time, the trailer will be handed over to the cooperative customs broker for the necessary information for customs declaration, and entrusted with export declaration and customs inspection for customs clearance. Usually leave two days for customs clearance (before the ship is shut down). When entrusting declaration, a copy of the loading information shall be provided. The contents shall include the goods and quantity loaded, the port, the shipping company, the fixed warehouse number, the cabinet number, the opening and closing time of the vessel, the trailer company, the cabinet type and quantity, and the contact of the company. People and telephones, etc.

13. Obtain transportation documents:

13.1. Within two days after the ship is opened, the contents of the B/L shall be faxed to the shipping company or freight forwarder. Feeding should be done at the request of the L/C or the guest, and give the correct quantity of goods, as well as some special requirements, including the certificate of the ship that requires the shipping company to accompany the bill of lading.

13.2. Urge the shipping company to issue bills of lading and freight bills as soon as possible. After careful checking of the sample is correct, confirm the contents of the bill of lading in writing to the shipping company. If the bill of lading needs to be confirmed by the guest, fax the bill of lading sample to the guest first, and after confirmation, ask the shipping company to produce the original copy.

13.3. Payment of miscellaneous fees in time, after payment, notify the shipping company to obtain timely bills of lading and other transportation documents. Payment should be done for registration.

14. Prepare other documents

14.1. Commercial Invoices: The documents required by L/C require the most stringent requirements for commercial invoices. The date of the invoice must be determined after the issuing date and before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice is exactly the same as on the L/C. Both the lowercase and uppercase amounts must be correct. The terms of the invoice on the L/C should be displayed to show the gimmick. If the invoice needs to apply for the other embassy certification, it is generally 20 days in advance.

14.2.FORMA Certificate of Origin: FORM A The certificate of origin must be submitted to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau before its delivery. It should be noted that the shipping date must be before the L/C delivery date and departure date, after the invoice date. If you fail to handle the goods before shipment, you need to apply for a later-issuance certificate, and you need to provide customs declaration documents, bills of lading, and other documents. For goods transshipped through Hong Kong, the FORM A certificate usually goes to the China Commodity Inspection Corporation in Hong Kong for endorsement to prove that the goods have not been reprocessed in Hong Kong.

14.3. General Certificate of Origin: General Certificates of Origin can be processed at the China Trade Promotion Association with lower requirements. Can be replaced within a short time after delivery. If the certificate of origin is to be processed for embassy endorsement, it must be processed 20 days in advance, as with the invoice.

14.4. Shipment Notice: It is generally required to inform the guests of the details of the shipment, including the name of the ship, the number of flights, the date of departure, the estimated arrival date, the goods and quantity, the amount, and the number of packages, within a few days after the departure. Shantou, destination agent, etc. Sometimes L/C requests to provide proof of delivery, such as a fax report, send a letter, etc. Note that the time required by the guests.

14.5. Packing List: The packing list should clearly indicate the packing condition of the goods. To display the quantity of each box, the gross weight, the net weight of each box, and the size of the outer box. The total volume calculated from the dimensions of the outer box matches the total volume indicated. To display the gimmick and the box number for the convenience of the guests. The weight of the packing list must be the same as the bill of lading.

15. Submit the order:

15.1. If L/C is used to collect foreign exchange, the complete department shall prepare the documents within the prescribed delivery time, and strictly check the list to ensure that there are no errors before handing over to the bank for negotiation.

15.2. With T/T foreign exchange, the bill of lading shall be faxed to the guest immediately after the bill of lading is obtained. After confirming that the remainder has been received, the original bill of lading and other documents will be sent to the guest.

15.3. If T/T collects foreign exchange, it is required to collect the full amount before it can be used as a counter. After getting the bill of lading, you can send the original bill of lading to the guest immediately.

16. Business registration: Each export business must be registered in a timely manner after completion, including computer registration and written registration, to facilitate future inquiries and statistics.

17. Documentation: All documents, L/C, and negotiation documents must be retained for inspection.

18. The clerk should pay attention to the collection of tariff changes, shipping schedules, routes, and other information in order to provide help for quotations.

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