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How to deal with problems in the processing of silicone cake molds?


Silicone Ice Cube Mold

We all know that most of the Silicone Products in the production process in order to make the product quality, the effect is expected to be processed processing, such as polishing, anti-offset, etc., and the most common Silicone Cake Mold The most difficult one-step processing technology is to say that the high-reflection effect is high.

It may not be known to everyone. The production cost of the mold is very high, and the polishing difficulty is also large, which results in a high defect rate of the silicone product manufacturers.

However, the processing of the Cake Mold is inseparable from the high transparency, so today we will explain the principle of the reflective surface effect.
To achieve this effect, the product needs to be polished on the mold of the silicone manufacturer, and the mold polishing can be divided into a variety of processes.

Silicone Pastry Mold

Different treatment methods have different effects and advantages in the mold, such as common mechanical polishing and ultrasonic polishing. , fluid polishing, magnetic grinding and polishing, etc., while the size of the silicone mold is larger.

Electrolytic polishing and ultrasonic polishing are the most popular methods.

The main reason is that the electropolishing is based on selectively dissolving the tiny protruding part of the surface of the material to make the surface smooth and ultrasonically polished.

It is a polishing method that uses ultrasonic waves as a power to push the fine abrasive grains to impact the surface of the workpiece at a very high speed, forcing the abrasive to process the surface to be processed, thereby reducing the surface roughness thereof.
After polishing, the surface of the mold reaches the bright surface reflection effect, and the high transparency and reflective effect is achieved in the production of high-transparent silica gel raw materials.

However, there are certain defects and problems in the polishing process.

For example, the steel of the mold is not homozygous, and the mold has trachoma inside or Miscellaneous materials, resulting in smooth surface smoothness, looseness during mold steel polishing, etc., will affect the cleanliness of the product.

Silicone Cake Soap Mold

In general, the brightness of the silicone cake mold depends on the smoothness of the mold, and the finish of the mold depends on the details of the processing.
All in all, we should pay more attention to the factors that affect the bad results of the process during the process, so be careful to prevent unnecessary damage to the product.

10 Cavity Silicone Ice Cube

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