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Kitchen Tips: Ginger removes residual fishy smell on hands


One, mushroom cleaning do not soak

Mushrooms are commonly used vegetarian food ingredients. Mushrooms are planted in greenhouses. They are not sprayed with pesticides. You only need to rinse the mushrooms on the surface with flowing water. Do not soak them so as not to lose the aroma and nutrients of the mushrooms.

Second, ginger removes residual fishy smell on the hands

After cooking fish or seafood, there will be residual odor in your hands. To remove this kind of taste, you can use one of the lemons used in cooking, or one of orange and ginger, and rub it hard in your hands for 2-3 times. Wash liquid soap on OK!

Third, how to remove the smell of pork loin

If you want to eat delicious hot kidney, the most important thing is to go to the pigs. In the end can be how to deal with pigs? What do you need to pay attention to when cooking?

When dealing with pork loins, it is not just a matter of selecting white ribs. It is necessary to dig out the dark red tissue that is located next to the white ribs, which is not easy to dig. If you find it difficult to dig, you can use a knife to thin a thin layer from the side of the pig's kidney, and remove the white scallops and the dark red tissue. Although some of the pork loin will be dropped at the same time, this can be more thorough. To remove the smelly part of the pork loin and eat it more at ease.

Then, soak the pork loin in the water mixed with salt and white vinegar for a period of time, and then remove the dried blood. This step can be repeated several times until there is no more blood in the water. Commonly used methods to seduce pork loin are: The pig's waist is repeatedly washed in water starch and rinsed with water. Or just soak the kidneys with water and change the water continuously until there is no blood leakage, but this will take almost one day. Or put the kidney flower into the boiled water poured into the cooking wine or butter, and then rinse it repeatedly with water several times.

Fourth, frozen shrimp shell easier to peel

The purchased shrimp is rinsed with running water and frozen in the refrigerator freezer for 1-2 hours until the surface of the shrimp body is frozen and removed, allowing the shrimp to melt at room temperature. Then remove the shrimp head, peel the shrimp shell off the first section of the shrimp shell, and hold the shrimp tail in one hand. Hold the first stripped shrimp body in the other hand and gently pull it out to extract the shrimp body. Shrimp shells, so peeled shrimp is not only complete and effortless.